What is a Pure Genius Personal Shopper?

Pure Ease. Pure Satisfaction. Pure Genius. Pure Promo. 

At Pure Promo, we know that everyone who encounters your brand is important—and so is the impression you make on them. What messages are your branded items sending? Do they say: “We value you, we care about you, and we truly want a relationship with you”?

Are you scratching your head right now? Don’t worry. We can help. 

Brainstorm with one of our Personal Shoppers today to and the perfect products that will make the most of all your branded opportunities. You’ll be glad you did. 

Because your employees matter. Because your customers matter. Because your brand matters.

Experience the Pure Promo Difference

When you partner with a Pure Genius Personal Shopper, you’re bringing on a team of experts who have access to just about every resource you can think of—worldwide. Our Shoppers have the relationships and the know-how to and exactly the item you’re looking for. Color, style, shape, size: we’ll scour our networks to and it for you. At the price you want and in the time frame you need.

And, when everyone is patting your back for saving the day, we’ll sit back and smile. Our job will be done. We’ll be your secret weapon—and no one needs to know but us.

Get Started Now

1. Call us at 1-866-978-8700 or    

2. Talk to us about your goals and objectives, who you will be giving promotional products to, and how/where you'll be giving them away.

3. Give us your budget and time frame so we know what we’re working with. 4. Relax. We’ll do all the legwork and get back to you with a quote—in most cases within 24 hours!

Go ahead: put your biggest challenges in our hands.

We’re here for you—and we love what we do!


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