Pure Promise

It’s our Pure Promise that Pure Promo will donate one meal for every order placed with us.

We believe that the benefits of a well-nourished child are:

  • Improved Mental and Physical Health
  • Higher Academic Achievements
  • Greater Productivity in their Communities
To accomplish this, Pure Promo is partnering with Kid’s Food Basket to help attack childhood hunger in America by providing kids with a nutritious, ready-to-eat evening meal. Consistent, nutritious meals are critical to the development of kids’ brains and bodies. This effort breaks down the barriers to success and helps young people learn and live well.

Kid’s Food Basket tagline is: Kid’s Food Basket empowers communities to attack childhood hunger.

They do this by:

KFB serves nearly 7,500 kids each week day. Sack suppers, or Take-home evening meals, are distributed within classrooms or at local parks, meaning every child who needs one can get one easily and safely.

KFB creates an engine for volunteering. Communities come together with the love and support of nearly 250 volunteers packing and delivering meals each weekday.

KFB advocates for kids helping kids. Through volunteerism and educational programs, kids understand hunger and lead projects to fight it. 33% of volunteer hours come from youth under age 18.

It’s our PURE Promise that Pure Promo will donate 1 meal for every order placed with us. A well-nourished child will have future implications on their mental and physical health, academic achievements and productivity in their communities. So, buy with benevolence today for a more sustainable tomorrow!

"This is an amazing partnership! We're so grateful!"

- Afton DeVos, Associate Director

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