About Pure Promo

Pure Promo is the newest addition to a family of brands known as Baudville Brands, which got its start with a company called Baudville in 1983. A software development firm, the name was created by combining the computer term “baud” with the exuberant theatrical name “vaudeville.” Way back when, Baudville produced Award Maker software, preprinted laser paper, certificate blanks, and a whole lot more that led them to where they are today.

They’ve grown immensely over the years, now offering thousands of products that help HR professionals and managers recognize their employees each and every day and create positive culture in the workplace. They have such great products and excellent service that customers wanted a little bit more—their own logos and customized designs on products. So, Baudville added those items . . . but customers wanted even more.

As the need increased, Baudville knew they needed a better long-term solution. And so, Pure Promo was born. As part of the Baudville Brands family, we work to help you make the most of every engagement opportunity. 

Just like Baudville, we’re based in beautiful West Michigan and serve companies nationally and internationally with the same innovative, trendy, bestselling, new, and tried-and-true products. But now you can customize them with your logo for any event, trade show, corporate giveaway, or anything else you have planned! With us as your secret weapon, you’ll have all the tools you need to create meaningful and memorable brand impressions, whether it’s part of an external marketing campaign or an internal employee recognition initiative.

And, with us, you can be confident that your purchase gives back to a great cause. It’s our promise.



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